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hello : )

My name is Kate. I was born in Seattle, grew up in Dallas, and now home is on Cape Cod. I am currently living in Baltimore while I get my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Maryland Institute College of Art.

    Artist Bio

    In all of my work, I emphasize occupied and unoccupied space—positive and negative space when it’s a 2-dimensional piece. I tend to oscillate between making abstract/non-objective work and functional work. In my functional art, my focus is not simply just to make things that serve a purpose, but also spark creativity in the user and put a twist on otherwise mundane everyday items. With my abstract/non-objective work, I want to make my audience ask “why” and “what” questions because I enjoy analyzing and viewing art and love to push viewers to a critical thinking point of view. As for my process, I typically scribble in my sketchbook and look for potential images or interesting designs like the way people look for shapes in clouds. By doing this, it allows me to not only be sure my work is original, but also capture my inner child and enthusiasm. I prefer to use organic and geometric shapes and lines to convey visual movement that engages the viewer. I focus on the visual movement my pieces have because it’s a challenge, creating a work that will make the viewer’s gaze travel across a piece and imagine the work moving. It is also helping me understand movement better which is important because I would love to make kinetic and/or interactive steel sculptures in the future.

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